A man looking up at the sky with trees behind him


On a hot summer's day, Kevin reflects on leaving the only thing he’s ever known—the neighborhood.

Kevin, an elderly man of the neighborhood, gets off the train and applies for his first passport. With a full life spent in the heart of his community, Kevin has finally set his sights on somewhere new. 

In an effort to reflect on this life decision he strolls through his neighborhood park, walking through moments nearly trapped in time: children play under a fountain, chess players plot their next moves, and new friends are made.

While Kevin considers all he has yet to know, he finds himself surrounded by a world he knows all too well. And through a simple question, he is put to ease by this new found sense of nostalgia for the only place he’s ever called home. 

Director’s Statement
In this narrative, I delve into the essence of transformation and self-discovery, presenting a story that pays tribute to the quiet strength and resilience within us all. "Somewhere" becomes an exploration of the moments that, though fleeting, leave an indelible mark on our souls, and make up the fabric of the human experience.

This film is more than a story; it's a recognition of the silent influences that have shaped us, and a tribute to the farewells we owe to mentors, guardians, and memories. They teach us not only to flourish but also the invaluable lesson of letting go.

There's bravery in knowing when to cherish and when to step into the unknown. I invite you to join me in this cinematic exploration of gratitude, growth, and the audacious act of moving forward.

Man in the post office on the phone getting his passport

Team & Talent

Jake Savitz (Writer, Director, Editor)
Jake is a director based in Brooklyn. He makes films about everyday people and life’s simple pursuits.

Hunter Jones (Producer)
Hunter Jones is an independent producer with experience across a wide range of productions, including commercials, music videos, and narrative films - both short and feature-length. Especially interested in psychology and the nature of human behavior, Hunter is always working to tell captivating and unique stories that provoke a deep sense of reflection and examination. Hunter lives and works in New York City. 

Huston Pigford
Huston Pigford is a New York City actor who has been acting since 2015 and has appeared in numerous TV shows, feature & short films, and off-broadway shows. Prior to acting, Huston was an MTA City bus driver for over 20 years and knows NYC like the back of his hand. Huston lives on Staten Island, New York.

Milani-Stella Rivera
Milani-Stella Rivera is a talented 9-year-old who excels in dance, acting, singing, and modeling. Her experience extends to both the stage and screen, with appearances in various films like “Nothing Except Everything”, “Somewhere”, “Go for Grandma”, “The Ballet Teacher” and “Peas”, as well as TV series, commercials, and musical theater productions such as “Seussical”, “Mary Poppins”, and “Disney’s Camp Rock”. What truly sets Milani-Stella apart is not only her exceptional talent but also her genuine kindness and remarkable coachability, making her a pleasure to collaborate with.


Jake Savitz


Special Thanks
St. James Park, Max Mellman, Street Team Studios, Willie Fineberg, Charlie Hull, Emily Messer, Dan Silver, Justin Cirulli, Steve and Liz Savitz, Maya Jeyam, Iain Anderson, Nathaniel Zettler
Design & Development
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©2023 Jake Savitz, All Rights Reserved
Three young girls watching sponges inflate in water


Written and Directed by Jake Savitz
Produced by Hunter Jones
Director of Photography: Kevin Johnson
Costume Design: Morgan Howell
Edited by Jake Savitz
Assistant Director: Adam McAlonie
Production Sound Recordist: Mike Macera
Post Sound Design: Trevor Misplay
Original Score by: Eddy Machado
1st AC: Alfie Giancarli, Alfie Muronda
Colorist: Ethan Langenau
BTS Photographer: Annabelle Hanflig
Production Assistants: Jordan Gairey, Maddy McCloskey, Willie Fineberg

Cast (in order of appearance)
Huston Pigford
Annabelle Hanflig
Anahita Singh
Milan Matthew
Steve Savitz
Jim Hanflig
Glen Gairey
Milani-Stella Rivera

Tech Specs

Title: Somewhere
Runtime: 07:03
Language: English
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Camera: Arri Amira

Two young girls sitting solemnly by a fountain


A man looking up at the sky with trees behind him

Tech Specs

Title: Somewhere
Runtime: 07:03
Language: English
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Camera: Arri Amira